eBay No-Bid Auctions Ending Soon search tool

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eBay No-Bid Auctions Ending Soon search tool
20 Sep 2011
I ran across an advertisement for a Bay No-Bid Auctions while searching for overlooked items they can buy on eBay at opening-bid prices and then resell on eBay at a market-value price. One search really stuck-out, it has a search tool at that URL which helps people find undervalued items on eBay that are about to end.

It appears they uncover eBay auctions items with no bids which are about to end soon. Apparently, eBay auctions with zero bids, but ending within a few minutes, or hours can contain 'hidden' bargains overlooked by most eBay shoppers, thus becoming available at opening-bid prices.

My search found eBay auctions ending soon. Has anyone heard of them? Check the site out and let me know what you think. I really need more opinions.

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Re: eBay No-Bid Auctions Ending Soon search tool
14 Mar 2012
This is pretty cool. I'm going to start using it.

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