A browser tool for Sellers.

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A browser tool for Sellers.
7 Oct 2011
Hi all!

I've developed a repricing software for Amazon seller central and now looking for some testers to give me feedback. Its not a hosted service like RepriceIt, its a local software that will work with your amazon account and help you reprice your items.

Currently it supports configuration for your own minimum formula (FBA or merchant shipped) based on percentage overhead, original price, shipping, and margins. I'd like the testers to use it with their own stores to see how it stacks up against other services you've used, find out any issues, and discover how useful it is for the seller.

In return, I will offer this software for free to the testers.

If you'd like to sign up, please email me at soft.reseller.2@gmail.com to sign up, or just post any questions in this thread. Thanks!!
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Re: A browser tool for Sellers.
8 Oct 2011
Hi, Looks very interesting.
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