Can you help me decide on programs?

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Can you help me decide on programs?
1 Feb 2005
Hi there,
I'm a new member and enjoying the info. I have been researching and trying out several programs over the past few days. Boy, do I have a headache! I really want to start keeping detailed info on my auctions now that my business has taken off.

Here's my predicament: I have over 500 items already set up in Turbo Lister. I really don't want to have to set all of those up again in an auction management program unless I REALLY have to. I also want to be able to track actual shipping costs and shipping costs charged to customers so I can keep track of profit/loss.

So far Sold! looks the best to me for many reasons. Clean design, intuitive, imports from eBay...and I can track actual & charged shipping costs and other expenses per auction and see immediately in the sales ticket what my profit was for that item.

What I am thinking about doing is continuing to use Turbo Lister to organize and submit auctions and use Sold! to import them from Ebay and manage them from there. Do you think this is feasible and a good idea? I am really used to Turbo Lister and can submit tons of auctions fast and have broadband connection.

Any opinions would be appreciated!

Thank you!
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Re: Can you help me decide on programs?
13 Apr 2006
Hi L - your strategy of posting from TurboLister and importing into SOLD V is sound. This is what I do with my 3000 items and I know several other SOLD V users that do the same thing.

I am not sure how you are currently tracking inventory, but you cold run a report of sales orders with a status of "completed" and somehow deduct those items from your inventory system. If you also used SOLD V for posting this would be handled for you automatically, but like me you are not willing to transfer over their existing inventory system to SOLD V.

SOLD V can capture total eBay fees and eBay fees (and other costs) for each successful transaction. But since we only look at fees for items that have sold, you'll have to do some calculations yourself to figure out what your eBay overhead is. By overhead, I mean taking your monthly total fees, subtracting what fees you can from successfully completed listings. The remainder fees would have to be spread across all your successful sales and this I would consider your eBay overhead.

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