is channeladvisor good for us ?

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is channeladvisor good for us ?
21 Oct 2011
we have three eBay accounts and there are 200+ items in each eBay store and the total monthly sale is about 80k. Is ChannelAdvisor good for us?
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Re: is channeladvisor good for us ?
26 Oct 2011
I did not have a good experience with Channel Advisor. If you are just selling on eBay, it is not worth the expense. They are mainly a good way to keep inventory synchronized across channels (Amazon, website, etc.). We ended up writing most of our own. We currently synch between Amazon, eBay, website (Volusion) and New Egg. We manually upload once a day.
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Re: is channeladvisor good for us ?
9 Nov 2011
80k a month is sales, this makes me feel like iam late to the game.
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Re: is channeladvisor good for us ?
21 Nov 2011
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Re: is channeladvisor good for us ?
27 Nov 2011
What is ChannelAdvisor? Also, 80k is alright and makes me feel bad about my small business.

All the best,
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Re: is channeladvisor good for us ?
28 Nov 2011
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Re: is channeladvisor good for us ?
8 Dec 2011
Channel Advisor is not my favorite either or my first choice, actually not even my second choice... for reason I don't want to explain here.
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Re: is channeladvisor good for us ?
8 Dec 2011
hello there can I ask how the ChannelAdvisor works? I'm a little bit confuse. thank you
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Re: is channeladvisor good for us ?
9 Dec 2011
ChannelAdvisor offers the total package for retailers with a unique blend of best-in-class technology and world-class managed services expertise. I am planning to go for this package for retailers. Does anyone have ever experienced this package? Your inputs will surely help me to take appropriate decision.

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