AuctionLinc - October Release - New Features

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AuctionLinc - October Release - New Features
30 Oct 2011
We are proud to announce the latest release of AuctionLinc - available now at This release contains a lot of new features and enhancements. See details below: -

  • Use Keyword Search to find matching Categories for Listing your Item.
  • You can now see the full Category path for selected Categories on your Listing.
  • Select currency for your Listing. In the past, AuctionLinc used to determine Currency based on the Listing Site. Now you can explicitly set Currency for your Item, which is useful. For sites that allow multiple currencies, for example - eBay Canada that lets you list in USD or CAD.
  • Recurring Schedules -This powerful feature lets you set up recurring schedules to sell multiple items scheduled to launch at a pre-defined interval. No need to create copies of the same Listing and schedule them one by one. See our tutorial on how to set up a Recurring Scheduled Listing.
  • AuctionLinc now offers support for international site eBay Germany.
  • You can now send a copy of all email communication to your registered email address. This helps users to verify their email template customizations.
  • Ability to customize and print Packing Slip /Invoice.
  • Support for Item Description in Import Listings via CSV Import.
  • Listing Form - In Images tab, the first image in selected images is automatically set as a Gallery Image. User has the option to modify it.

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