listing factory are they still in business?

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listing factory are they still in business?
31 Oct 2011
in a moment of madness i renewed my Listing Factory licence earlier this year, i like the software but the bugs glitches and total lack of support from the tech guys was what nearly swayed me to bin them. i have 18 listings with them and in the last 4 days they have become totally messed up, the photos are either missing or duplicated and when i try and build new listings on the software it wont connect to the internet or do anything and then freezes up, tried to update the software and that wont work. ive tried to get the listing factory website to load so that i can waste time contacting the tech guys (i say waste time as they never EVER reply once they have your money) and also so i can then delete it off the computer and redownload and go through all the messing about rebuilding all the listings as i have had to do at least 4 times last year to get it to work but it says every webpage is unavailable. just wondering if they have finally (and on the basis of customer service deservedly) gone out of business. really wish id not bothered renewing

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