Good, basic listing software for Ebay

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Good, basic listing software for Ebay
8 Nov 2011
This question has probably been asked a million times, but as I cannot find where on the Internet, I ask this one question: What is your recommendation on good, basis listing software? I was an eBay seller a few years back, but got away from it for a while, but am working towards getting back into it. I used TurboLister then, but the reviews for it now are abysmal, as nearly every review is for listing software. I am on very tight budget . . . free or very cheap is all I can afford. I realize this likely reduces the field, but I have to do with what I have. Thanks.
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Re: Good, basic listing software for Ebay
19 Nov 2011
Hi TCMGO, and welcome

You don't have to use listing software to sell on eBay - their own lister has improved a lot over the years so it's worth checking out first.

There are few free tools around these days but the following are low-priced or include an allowance for free listings:

  • Page Mage - free for up to 24 listings a month
  • Supreme Auction - free limited version
  • Auctiva - starts at $2.95 per month
  • - new and unproven, but free
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