Introducing: RepricingConsole, a free amazon repricing tool

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Introducing: RepricingConsole, a free amazon repricing tool
23 Nov 2011
Hi all, I've posted this in a previous thread I started, this is for everyone looking for a free repricing tool.

RepricingConsole is a revolutionary extension for Google Chrome browser. It enhances the browser and adds the ability to reprice your inventory straight from your computer bypassing a third party.

The website is currently being built up, but you can visit it here:

The free tool is available from Google Chrome Store, here is the link:

I've decided to release it for free, so feel free to evaluate and use it. Its a bit problematic to run it against very large stores, but anything up to 5k items will work just fine.

The site and the extension page contain all the instructions needed to run this software, but feel free to reach out to me directly as needed. Many thanks to people who piloted it!

Happy repricing.

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