Ebay software to assist adding media (CDs) without crashing

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Ebay software to assist adding media (CDs) without crashing
22 Jan 2012
Hi there

Last year we finally started to migrate our CD business to eBay and although things have been going ok the listing process is painful. Turbo Lister does not update ok and regular causes issues and crashes, not to mention that the gaining relevant CD information from the EAN/barcode database is almost pointless.

What options do I have to add media such as CDs to gain quality information and images like you can get through Amazon? Is there any software or other option like Auctiva that offers better quality than turbo lister?

Also what other options do I have full stop that are better than turbo lister? Reading online and EVERYTHING gets slated.

I would appreciate some real feedback as just finished my Selling Manager pro trial and will not be using it.

Thanks in advance

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Re: Ebay software to assist adding media (CDs) without crash
19 Feb 2012
FillZ and Monsoon specialise in selling media on multiple marketplaces.

Note that if you are in the UK FillZ only supports eBay via the US site.

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