Does Ebay care enough about sellers?

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Does Ebay care enough about sellers?
5 Feb 2012
I have been selling on eBay for over ten years and am fed up about the lack of care and protection Ebay give to their SELLERS ( their moneymakers)
This is a recent letter I sent to Ebay about their evaluation systems.
"Thanks for the long awaited reply and for telling me what I already know. However, as always at Ebay you seem to miss the general point. Postage and PACKING? what Ebay and the general public fail to take into consideration is the PACKING part. I have very good feedback about packing, if you bother to look and that is because I take care about wrapping the goods safely in bubble wrap or protective padded bags. But bubble wrap and large jiffy bags are expensive so the postage costs may be slightly higher to accommodate this. On the most part my customers accept this and give me very good feedback, however, it seems only the the odd few buyers need to mark one down to effect the way Ebay work out your ridiculous dashboard statistics. THIS IS WHAT NEEDS LOOKING AT AND ADJUSTING. I pose a question to you, if a few of my buyers have marked my postage low why have they still giving me good feedback? My answer is they are very happy that there item has arrived safely and quickly. Generally some of the PUBLIC are very poor in filling in forms so having to tick an evaluation system like Ebay has can sometimes be rushed and given not much thought. I think a 4.5 or 4.6 overall evaluation out of a possible 5 stars (which is my current evaluation on P/P) is more than acceptable and Ebay should reconsider this unfair system. As mentioned before there is very little protection for the sellers, you only seem to care about the buyers. However, you don't continue collecting the 20+% overall costs from the sellers which in turn have made EBAY one of the biggest companies in the world. Come on EBAY how about PROTECTING the sellers more?"
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Re: Does Ebay care enough about sellers?
19 Feb 2012
Could you include P&P costs in the base price and offer free P&P, which gets you an automatic 5 stars in that area?
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Re: Does Ebay care enough about sellers?
20 Feb 2012
Hi, I have started using inclusive p&p for this very reason. Good packing costs money.

But there is more to eBay's attitude than this.

DSRs are supposed to be a quality tool. However, if the seller can't identify the actual transaction it is impossible to improve quality. I had a run of low scores on post and packing prices from the International region in Nov and Dec. Not enough to damage my top rated status, but sufficiently concerning to need understanding. Without knowing which transactions the low scores came from it is impossible to do anything.

As it stands DSRs are a useless tool for sellers to control quality, but ebay are so slow to let us know if they are reconsidering or amending.

They also talk about ebay being a safe trading environment, but that means it has to be safe for sellers as well as buyers. What is safe about an environment that allows 1 seller to put on every photo "Ebay Lowest Price Guarantee" with the "Guarantee" word in much smaller and virtually unreadable script. He is actually offering an after sale price match, but Buyers think they are defnitely geting the lowest price.

This is not true in far too many instances, so it is not safe for buyers who are misled, or for sellers who are trying to compete and actually offer better prices.

The pinkies always sympathise, never make any definite statement, and promise to pass on comments, but how long do we have to wait before ebay actually do something?
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Re: Does Ebay care enough about sellers?
20 Feb 2012
I had glowing eBay feedback marred only by 2 or 3 people who gave me 2 stars for shipping time, but gave me positive feedback overall. This was out of over 500 feedbacks, and I STILL lost my Top Rated Seller status. My averages are around 4.9!!!!!

Meanwhile, there are huge companies who have tens of thousands of feedbacks and still have "100% positive" and maintain their Top Rated status. Yeah, right!! I've been in sales for years, and that track record is not believable! There are just too many people out there who refuse to be satisfied even if you shed blood for them. eBay obviously treats big money-makers differently!

I am now a proud seller!! Everyone should give a try!! Remember a chain of restaurants called Howard Johnson's? They were everywhere and no one, least of all Howard Johnson management, ever thought another restaurant would ever rival their dominance. Today?? There isn't even one Howard Johnson's restaurant left - replaced by thousands of McDonald's fast food joints!!!! Moral? eBay can, and will, be beaten. Try!
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Re: Does Ebay care enough about sellers?
24 Dec 2015
I think that eBay just needs more and consistent competition and the market is growing, without anyone really getting close though. Nothing lasts forever though and with sites like For Sale Ireland and similar stores in different countries, the future looks a little less bleak for the eBay seller.
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Re: Does Ebay care enough about sellers?
31 Dec 2015
I think eBay cares more about buyer. No buyers no growing.

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