Are there any decent multi-channel all-in-one solutions?

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Are there any decent multi-channel all-in-one solutions?
25 Feb 2012
Hello all,

The past weeks (or has it been months..) I've been scouring the internet, looking for a good all-in-one solution to facilitate our transition from eBay-only to multiple channels, to automate a bunch of the processes we currently do manually, to give a clear overview of all our sales and listings, and to just generally make our lifes a bit easier.

ChannelAdvisor, eSellerPro, Linnworks, SolidCommerce and 247 TopSeller seem to be the big players. However, reading lots of reviews and forum posts, it really seems like all of these just make your online (and offline) life a lot harder instead of easier. Tons of bugs, very unintuitive interfaces, and lacking customer support seem to be the three main issues. Funny enough, almost all of the positive 'reviews' and comments come from people that work for these companies (both disclosed and non-disclosed ).

So, is it really a matter of choosing the lesser of these evils? Do you feel a software solution is really necessary? Or does the proper amount of outsourcing work equally well?

Also, does anyone (who is not affiliated with these companies please) have good experiences to share? Would you even go as far as to recommend the multi-channel solution you're currently using?

Any input would be greatly appreciated, both by me as well as all the others who feel the same way I do.
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Re: Are there any decent multi-channel all-in-one solutions?
29 Feb 2012
Hi there

You may find this thread interesting, very similar question with some useful replies.

Of course we'd love you to consider Brightpearl as well, you can take out a free 30 day trial to assess the software too.

We'd be pleased to answer any questions on your specific requirements, as a lot of the posts say on the other thread, it really is about matching what you need to the features of the software as they all have their own unique selling points.

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Re: Are there any decent multi-channel all-in-one solutions?
29 Feb 2012
Haha yeah, that's my letter on Auctionbytes : ). I wasn't getting much response on the forums so I tried it through Auctionbytes, and that worked a lot better, a lot of good replies there.

Thank you for commenting in this thread as well.
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Re: Are there any decent multi-channel all-in-one solutions?
2 Mar 2012
I don't believe you need to pick either or, it is possible to have your cake and eat it but of course there are lots of options out there which can make choosing very difficult. I would browse through the various reviews on sites like this which should give you a good idea of their customer’s experiences rather than just their glossy website.

Speaking of glossy websites, I would of course encourage you to take a look at SellerExpress. We offer order processing, inventory management, a repricing tool as well as support for 7 marketplaces. We will be launching our eBay UK module later this month so we might well be perfect for you.

For more information or to sign up for our free 30 day trial please visit We'd be more than willing to answer any further questions as well if you post a reply here.
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Re: Are there any decent multi-channel all-in-one solutions?
23 Mar 2012

I must agree with you, multi-channel is making your life much harder.

I don't know if you checked
Their biggest advantage is that everything is seamless behind the scenes and you can just continue manage your store on eBay as you used to do, their system will take care of the rest.

They offer export service of current eBay items to Amazon.

Also they have Inventory synchronization system which keep your eBay and Amazon stock synchronized(If something is sold on Amazon it is taken off eBay and vice versa, if something is added on eBay it will be automatically exported to Amazon).

Other platforms such as Magento,PrestaShop, I-Offer are supported as well.

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