How do I get more sales?

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How do I get more sales?
11 Apr 2012
At Buzzmart we often get asked the same question, 'How can I get sales?'. One thing we've noticed the last couple of months is that sellers who have included either a MPN, UPC or ISBN variable on their product listing have made more sales in the past than those who did not. This is due to us and various other marketplaces similar to ours sending product feeds to Google Product Search engine which allows millions of daily visitors to easily find your inventory through Google's shopping portal. Without providing UPC, MPN or ISBN variables on your listings your products do not get indexed with the Google Product Search engine and will not be made visible to millions of people who use it.

Another great way to get more views for your listings is to simply Pin them on Pinterest. We along with many other online marketplaced have now implemented the Pin button on all listings, so simply pinning your listing and then having it re-pinned by someone else is a great way to get your product listings the exposure they deserve.

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