New alternate to eBay! - Worth checking out...

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New alternate to eBay! - Worth checking out...
14 May 2012
Hey there everyone!

Good news! I've discovered a new website that will likely be a big eBay competitor called BigValueDepot! This will especially be benificial to those who use the stores feature or sell a lot of items. Pretty simple deal: $15/month for up to 100 items, you get your own store and URL which is similar to the eBay stores but much more user friendly. No commission on items. That's right. No fees, just the $15/month. Though I have yet to post any items, check out my store here:

Right now there is a trial for just $1 for the first month, no obligations. Later this month, some great national TV spots are going to hit to draw thousands of buyers and sellers. Suggest you get in now!

Click this link to get started:

Reply with questions, concerns, etc.

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