Volusion Stores?

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Volusion Stores?
4 Jun 2012
Has anybody had success with Volusion stores? I have read lots of negative comments online, but it seems they have a lot of features that are missing from other shopping cart platforms. Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: Volusion Stores?
6 Jun 2012
We have been using Volusion for few years. They may not be perfect but who is... We tested few other systems and Volusion was not so bad in comparison. Prices are reasonable and for a startup - the initial setup is relatively simple.

So far, everything has been working without a problem. Sometimes their servers seem a little slow but last 3 years we only had perhaps 1 day that system was not accessible. Definitely worth trying. From time to time they tend to upgrade their software but in our opinion the newest version is worse than the previous one. A lot a features that we liked (like for instance direct url to product images) are not there anymore and one has to use various workarounds. Customer support is there although people that answer the phone are not very knowledgeable. If a more serious problem arises one has to open a support case which is (or isn't) resolved in few days. We actually gave up on some support cases as no one was able to help us.

We would recommend Volusion for a new startup company that wants to learn how to do business on-line. It may not be the place for the fanciest webstores - but in our business the fanciness is not so important. Customers prefer simple stores with a quick and easy checkout.
In the end - it is the product that is important. If you have a good product and market it properly - it will sell.

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