How MWS is changing Marketplace Tools

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How MWS is changing Marketplace Tools
3 Jul 2012
The release of MWS has started a rumor mill among Amazon Merchants. Many of them are worried that the third-party tools that they rely on for their business will be negatively impacted by this change. We wrote a blog post on how MWS will change the world of repricing to help dispel some of the rumors. We are really interested to hear from other merchants and third-party tools on how they are reacting to MWS.
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Re: How MWS is changing Marketplace Tools
20 Jul 2012
Dear Seller Community,

Few sellers have brought this posting to my attention. I want to point out that Amazon's new API "MWS Products API" is specifically designed for pricing management and replaces the current API named PA-API. Amazon has been very clear from day one (6 months since) that sole purpose of this new API is to enable sellers manage their prices and process item-lookup. So I honestly don't see a reason why any developer involved with Amazon would ever be indulged in spreading such a rumor that is contrary to Amazon's communication and would potentially scare away a customer.

This new API will return both price and shipping and also would enable reprice at a faster speed. So if sellers are not careful with their repricing strategy, price may crash too fast.

This new API will have few minuses from going-out-soon PA-API

1) The Amazon seller name will not be returned. Meaning 3rd part tool will not able to know your competitor by name.
2) Sellers' quantity will not be returned either, so you cannot ignore low stock offers.
3) Amazon will not return all the price points as seen by buyer, rather it will be grouped based on the following 6 attributes. I am personally not happy with this change as it may take away some intelligence, but we are hopeful that Amazon would enhance it with future upgrades.


Overall, as seller, you would be able to continue manage your prices without any hickup.

I want to specially mention Appeagle to show my respect for what they do, this is only a clarification from our end to many queries regarding this blog.

Paul Das
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