Solution to let users upload fixed price items

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Solution to let users upload fixed price items
19 Jul 2012
Hey folks,

I am fairly new to all this and did some research, but I hope someone here can give me a few pointers where to look specifically. So, as part of a fundraiser we want to have an online store. There are plentiful free options out there to create an attractive store front, upload items etc. however, I didn't find a single one that has a crucial feature that we need - allowing users to upload their items and sell them for a fixed price. The commission for the sale would go towards our fundraiser.

The items can really be just selected from a list of items that be can provide, so there is no need to create new categories for the users. All they really would have to do is select the items from the given categories, set a price and maybe leave a brief comment about the condition.

I found some auction solutions that allow that - but since they come with all the shennigans that are required to run a bidding/auction type of website they come with a hefty price tag - and we don't really have that much to invest for this. So instead of having to go around to each individual and uploading the every piece ourselves, does anybody have an idea where we could find such a minimalistic solution for a reasonable price?

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