Listing Software for ebay with ecommerce channel

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Listing Software for ebay with ecommerce channel
21 Jul 2012
Currently, I use Auctiva to list all unique clothing items to ebay. I have a nice template that I would like to continue to use and the listing process is done by "creating a similar listing" and just changing some of the specs like brand/color and the photos obviously. This makes it quite efficient and difficult to switch at the moment as I have thousands of saved listings to use.

However, I would like to move on and create an ecommerce site. I can't figure out what can be used to create listings that post to ebay and the webstore in this fashion. I want to have about 200-500 items.

I can't decide or see which one is best and at an affordable price. BigCommerce looks to be worthwhile...Kosmos looks great for integration but I have no clue about X-Cart. Volusion, DesignCart are also choices.
AuctionBlox and Brightpearl may be too pricey depending on what they offer.

Let me know what you think and appreciate all the help.

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