Small growing business needs help!!

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Small growing business needs help!!
9 Aug 2012
I am currently running a USA based small business selling mainly "one off" items such as antiques, jewelry, collectables, open box electronics, and more. I currently use eBay exclusively. I know there are many solutions available to make multichannel selling easy. However, I am finding it difficult to find a solution that will help me manage my internal "back office" tasks. What I mean is I have hired two new employees who are eager to help me list items for sale and to ship. These people are geographically no where near the "home office". So I need a provider that will allow me to assign unique logins for each employee and give those login credentials certain permissions that are appropriate for their job duties. For example Chris needs to be a to create listings, view/edit the listing he created, receive notification when his listings sell so he can then package those items for shipping. Separate from that I would also like assistance managing consignment relationships and creating a stand alone web store. I have looked at The website leads me to believe the can do everything I want but on eBay only. Is this true? Can anyone suggest a solution that will fill all my needs at a reasonable price? I am currently doing $10,000 /mo in gross sales. I think I can get near $30,000 with the addition of these two employees. I list about 100 items per month...that should jump to 300 approx. I appreciate any advice I can get. Thanks!! -Cygnus Black
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Re: Small growing business needs help!!
17 Aug 2012
Hi Cyg,

SellerExpress can manage your inventory on eBay and Amazon and PlayTrade. You can automatically import your eBay items and list them on Amazon and PlayTrade.

You can add additional users to your SellerExpress account and specify what level of access each user has. You would be able to let your two employees add items, update listings and process orders but they would not have access to the sales or profit reporting.

SellerExpress also offers free integration with Magento web stores. You can set up automatic imports of inventory feeds from suppliers and manufactures and automatically export your pick list/orders for 3rd party fulfilment.

Unlike other multichannel service providers we charge a flat fee per month with no commissions on sales. If you would like more information feel free to drop me an email at, I can arrange to give you a call if you'd like to discuss this on the phone.

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Re: Small growing business needs help!!
19 Aug 2012
Hi Cygnus!

It sounds like Blackthorne Pro by eBay would be of help to you. The solution is only $24.99 a month and we can help you get it setup correctly so your staff has only certain permissions to do things.

Please contact us at or you may visit our web site for more information about our company.

We are here to help you with any questions you may have.


- Carlo
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