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Shooting Star Software - FooDog Software
9 Sep 2012
Well, here I am again. About to get going on eBay once again. About 10 items a day/300 a month, give or take.

I used Shooting Star (the original version that had the posting feature and did not require Poster Toaster) for years and it was outstanding. Everything that one could want at the time. Perhaps integration with Paypal, etc., would be nice now.

Is there ANYTHING out there today that comes close to the original Shooting Star?

I wonder what the chances of reverse engineering the software would be today? Does not seem THAT complex, no?

Any suggestions as to what the best software out there today is would be gratefully appreciated.
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Re: Shooting Star Software - FooDog Software
22 Aug 2014
Again resurrecting an old thread

If you want desktop-based eBay selling software SixBit is your best option, or others to look at are here:

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Re: Shooting Star Software - FooDog Software
26 Aug 2014
I've tried a lot of listing software over the last few months. SixBit was the best of the lot if you are a fairly serious seller. There are others that work ok if you are a casual seller.

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