Storefront Services Roundup

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Storefront Services Roundup
3 Jun 2005
Online stores outside eBay are a hot topic at the moment, following eBay fee hikes and increased seller competition. Here is a list of providers:

Auction Management Providers with Storefronts

Vendio: ASR Info | Provider Info
Andale: ASR Info | Provider Info
ChannelAdvisor: ASR Info | Provider Info (part of the Merchant service)
CORESense: ASR Info | Provider Info
Kyozou: ASR Info | Provider Info
MainStreet : ASR Info | Provider Info
Infopia : ASR Info | Provider Info
Marketworks: ASR Info | Provider Info
Zoovy : ASR Info | Provider Info
Truition: ASR Info | Provider Info

Web Stores with an eBay Extension

AuctionBlox: ASR Info | Provider Info (osCommerce extension)
Make-a-Store: ASR Info | Provider Info
StoreFront: ASR Info | Provider Info
Y.E.S.!: ASR Info | Provider Info

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Re: Storefront Services Roundup
1 Jan 2006
I would like to add ShoPal stores to the list. Their URL is

They do have some link back to eBay. It is very simple and manual but it works if you want to list from there(several steps involved), you can. The ads have a eBay gallery button where the buyer clicks and it is taken to your website with a listing of all your ebay listings. Naturally, you have your webstore categories there if they want to click them on. It meets the min requirement regarding clicks from eBay. Again, this is very basic, simple but it works. For high volumes, it may not be practical for you.

You can send buyers to your checkout. Another way to drive business to your store. Best way to understand how it works is to do some dummy transactions emailing to your self and going through the process. As I have stated earlier, this is very basic but practical. Nothing fancy. They charge a flat rate of $5 USD a month for the ebay module. The 30-day store trial is FREE but to use the eBay module, you have to pay the $5.

The price is reasonable at ShopPal. Customer service is excellent. They really seem to care about their customers. They have an active forum where you can pick up lots of useful informaiton. They provide Froogle and BiZrate submissions daily for you if you sign up for them.

Bottomline, there are more stores out there with more cool bells and whistles but ShopPal is stable, reliable, reasonable in cost, and has real customer support.

No I don't own them, I just use them.
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Re: Storefront Services Roundup
9 Jul 2006
There's a new osCommerce add-on which provides eBay integration and auction management (like AuctionBlox):

Auction For Store: ASR Info | Provider Info
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Re: Storefront Services Roundup
15 Dec 2007

Does anyone know that Auction For Store still alive?

I have been contacting them, but no reply.


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