Keep Your eBay Buyers Buying - New Targeted Cross Sell App

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Keep Your eBay Buyers Buying - New Targeted Cross Sell App
10 Oct 2012
Keep Your Buyers Buying! Cross Sell Targeted Items in Your eBay Listings

Page Mage has just launched the new Smart Gallery application that lets you create free targeted cross sell galleries for your eBay listings so you can make more money. It's the only app that lets you pick the specific items YOU want to promote. By getting control over which items appear to your customers, you can cross sell complimentary products, advertise your most profitable items, liquidate old inventory, and much more. And it’s free!

You can create unique messaging and a customized appearance to build around your brand. Your listings will look more professional while they grab a buyer's attention.

It's simple to use and fast to get started. Bulk apply to all of your listings with the click of a button. You'll be selling more in minutes.

And the Smart Gallery is great for mobile users including those with iPads and smart phones.

Smart Gallery Premium Gives You Even More

With our Premium version, you can display different galleries for different listings based on category, keywords, or other options. You’ll have just the right product in front of your buyers and get more money in your pocket. Create different galleries with different complimentary products for specific categories of items you sell. Or even for a single listing.

The Premium version template library lets you choose templates that display anywhere from one to eight items at a time. So you can do what's right for your business.

Smart Gallery is an online application in the eBay Apps Center on No software to download.


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