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10 Nov 2012
I am a UK based user and have been trying out the AuctionLinc software recently and it has ticked lots of boxes for me. I don't list a lot of items but it just seems to make it easier to do so and makes the listings look more professional.

However, I've hit a snag in that the AuctionLinc templates all seem to have a returns section at the bottom but, for eBay UK users, there seems to be no way to complete most of that information.

I've been in touch with AuctionLinc but I was told that:
looks like the Refund and Return options are not valid / offered by eBay for UK site. They are only available for UK, Canada and Australia sites.

That is the reason you don't have a way to specify this information in Listing Form. Let me know if I can be of any further help.
That statement itself is a bit ambiguous as I think there was a typo and they meant to say "US, Canada and Australia" but there seems to be no way to insert this info in their template.

Has anyone else come across this and found a workaround? I didn't particularly want to list items with relevant bits not being filled in.

Thanks for all the useful info/feedback on this site, by the way. It has been very useful .


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