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18 Nov 2012
I almost feel the need to apologize for bring this topic up as I saw another thread on the topic, but it was almost 3 years old.

I contacted channel on about the 12 or so of the month to ask about demoing ChannelMAX. Paul got back to fairly quickly asking for the necessary information for them to set up the account.

In this day and age of being able to go to a website click on "Sign Up Now" and create your own account that felt a bit archaic, but since I've read how great the service is once you've figured it out after a large learning curve since its not very intuitive, I decided to go provide my information.

However, it took about 3 days, before I was contacted, again, being a little nervous, because I had read about others waiting weeks I emailed and attempted to call ChannelMax. The emails were not replied to and the phone number took me to an ambiguous message that simply said the user is not available. Finally 3 days later I got a message indicating the account was set up, apologizing for the delay, but not directly acknowledging that had received any of my messages.

They including the login link and the credentials they created for me as well as a link to the "Getting Started Guide."

So I logged in read the Getting Started Guide went into the UI for the Repricing settings and began to attempt to follow the Guide as well as the directions within the UI itself. The problem it seems they have made upgrades to the UI and without updating the Guide as a result some of the directions in the guide did not match those in the UI itself. However, I methodically step by step attempted to interpret the directions in the UI which are often unclear and the Getting Start guide which sometimes contradicts the directions within the UI.

I followed the directions to the best of my ability which as I understand it should have resulted in being able to produce a report. The report should show what the results are before going live on Amazon so I can keep tweaking the settings until the report gives me repricing results I'm comfortable with and then I could have the repricing begin working on Amazon.

However, after doing the above the result is no report. I've attempted to contact Paul the owner via email and the phone this morning with no reply.

Don't get me wrong my only complaint is actually that I have not gotten a reply from Paul. IMO if the instruction could be better. Nevertheless it is obvious to me if I can get the software set up properly it will deliver everything and more then I will likely need a repricer to do. Plus the other parts of Cmax most if not all of which I will would likely use and I suspect will help me manage my sales, inventory, and sales channels.

I went in with my eyes wide open the idea their would be a steep learning curve and many of the reviews speak to that. However, I only have a limited time to work directly on this aspect of business, because I have a full time job other than this for now. Secondly it seems strange to me for ChannelMax to take so long to get back to customers.

They are after all serving a clientele whose businesses run 24/7 so at the least they could publish a schedule in which they are available. They should also if they are going to publish a phone number have a message indicating you have reached ChannelMax and what hours you can call and expect to reach someone or indicating reasonable estimate of when you can expect a response either by phone or email. I almost forgot on the site it also indicates you may live chat, but when you click on the link it goes no where.

All I really want is for Paul to contact me. Hopefully no late than tomorrow though today IMO would have been more reasonable. As I really want to give the reported to be great service a chance. I just can't wait much longer for assistance.

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