Help with choosing the right marketplace software

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Help with choosing the right marketplace software
25 Jan 2013
I run two shops and a website. I currently sell on eBay, but want to expand the marketplaces i sell on. I am looking for some advice on which marketplace software i should use. Eseller pro seem to large for what i currently need, however i want some software that will help me grow.

The problem i have is that i have three locations that the stock will be stored, two of them being shops. With the stock "live" on the shop floor. My current epos software links to ebay and on every order highlights which store the stock is in and automatically contacts the store informing them to take the item off the shop floor and post. Is there anyone that has a similar situation and could give me some guidance how they operate the market place softwares available across there stores

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Re: Help with choosing the right marketplace software
28 Jan 2013
We tried several and ended up writing our own with help from freelancers. The commercial ones I found didn't work too well and were expensive.
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Re: Help with choosing the right marketplace software
28 Jan 2013
Hi Matt, provides multi-channel capabilities (Amazon, eBay, Rakuten/Play).

We have a number of customers that have shops as well as the online marketplaces and webstores. And we can setup custom imports to pull stock quantities from your EPOS system, and send back order files or product change files. So on a daily basis:
  • Stock is imported from your EPOS system
  • SellerExpress lists in on numerous marketplaces
  • SellerExpress centrally pulls in orders from these marketplaces
  • Then sends your EPOS system or shops back sales or product changes

  • And it has in-built facilities to prevent over-selling if you list on multiple marketplaces. You can also run price checking for you Amazon/Play accounts.

    SellerExpress offers a free trial too - so you could try it out first - and the support team can answer your questions.

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    Re: Help with choosing the right marketplace software
    7 Jun 2013
    I have been using Linnworks now for around 3 years, at a time my business grew from around 200k a year to £1m/yr. Its like having your best friend working alongside you, watching your back and keeping all your systems working and stores working.

    There are lots of features - you can read up on them, but I want to highlight a few that I personally find valuable:

    1. Full integration of Royal Mail Dispatch Manager Online (the only company I have found that does this) - enabling you to print off all your stamps for orders automatically.

    2. Service and support - its easy to say good, but I have to say its exceptional. They have taken on lots more techy staff who sort things 1st time. They even spoke to eBay for me where there was an ebay bug, and got them to sort it.

    3. Returns / Exchange console. You get a return in. you scan it in your processed orders section, and choose how to handle it (return, exchange, refund, scrap etc). Its adjusts the inventory accordingly.

    The product works. Also the people running the company are focused to giving a quality product, and that shines through. They have the business principles that I have, based on truth, honesty and care for customers. My business has 100% feedback on ebay and amazon, and I class Linnworks as an extension of my business.

    If you want to talk about my set-up on Linnworks or see it in action, you are welcome to come down and look.