PPCalc - Free PayPal Fee Calculator (Web-Based)

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PPCalc - Free PayPal Fee Calculator (Web-Based)
7 Jun 2005
PPCalc is a new web-based calculator you can use to calculate your PayPal fees. It includes support for all the different PayPal fee rates (including the Standard Rate and all levels of the Merchant Rate) and it also supports all the different countries and currencies that PayPal supports. You can even choose to calculate in the 2.5% currency conversion fee that is used in some multi-currency transactions. You get to choose exactly what country the payment is coming from and exactly what country the payment is going to and this calculator will automatically know the correct fee rate you will get charged. You can also "reverse" calculate your PayPal fees to determine the exact amount a person must send you in order for you to get the amount you want. (For example, a person must send me exactly $77.55 for me to receive exactly $75). And again, this "Reverse PayPal Calculator" works with all the different fee rates and currencies that PayPal supports (including the 2.5% currency conversion fee).

The website address is:


Again, the website is totally free. There's no charge to use it and you may use it as many times as you like. Of course, donations are always appreciated.
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