Any interest in software to "snipe" Buy It Now items?

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Any interest in software to "snipe" Buy It Now items?
11 Feb 2013
Hi, I'm the creator of the Auction Auto Bidder web based service and sofrware. A few users have asked for a feature to "snipe" Buy It Now items and I'd like to know how much interest there is in this feature.

Basically, you would set your search terms to find the item you want for which there are none currently on eBay, then as soon as the program finds one that's been listed, you'd have the option to have the program:
-Notify you on screen
-Notify you by email
-Automatically buy the item if it meets certain criteria (specific price range, specific words to be found or not found in the description, etc.)

This feature would allow users to setup searches for rare hard to find item and to buy them as soon as possible before someone else buys it.

If there is enough interest this feature will be added in the very near future.

Thank you

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Re: Any interest in software to "snipe" Buy It Now items?
12 Feb 2013
There is a precedent for a Buy-It-Now "sniper" feature, see:
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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