Now that eBay pulse is gone, USE THIS TOOL!

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Now that eBay pulse is gone, USE THIS TOOL!
18 Feb 2013
A lot of people have freaked out now that the eBay pulse tool is gone.

First off, let's talk about what the eBay pulse tool DID and why it was so great:

It told us what people actually TYPED IN per category. A lot of people used it to find out what 'niches' to sell and target.

(Many people though of it as a 'product-targeting tool but that is NOT what it should have been used for - niches are more powerful to target since there are lots of products to sell UNDER niches)

Well, eBay took down the eBay pulse tool, and so now people are going to categories to see what to 'sell'.

However, you still aren't looking to what people are TYPING IN per category.

Alas, there is a new tool that is INCREDIBLE you can utilize.

It is the CATMAN tool.

In fact, this tool does everything that the eBay pulse tool did - but MORE. Instead of just finding the top 10 keywords ONLY, you can now find UP TO 100 keywords per category. And, there are a lot more subcategories you can find because of this.

Great, great, tool.

Oh, and it's free.

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Re: Now that eBay pulse is gone, USE THIS TOOL!
12 Apr 2013
Ok, let's try this.