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:=:=: eBay Sold Items - Best Offer Selling Price :=:=:
23 Feb 2013
Sometimes fixed-price items sell on eBay via Best Offer, at a price below the asking BIN price. You may discover such an item in your eBay Completed Listings search.

If you're curious what the actual selling price was, we may be able to show you at WatchCount.com, if it sold within the past couple of weeks or so. Here's how:

Just use our Item Lookup feature by pasting the several-digit eBay listing number into the Keywords box on the WatchCount.com homepage, then click the Show Me...! button. Amid the item details displayed should be the final sold price, completed via Best Offer.

We hope this will be helpful to eBayers doing basic item research on recent sales.

WatchCount.com offers clever, fun, and unique marketplace search capabilities unavailable on eBay itself. We're certified as an eBay Compatible Application and provide all of our services free of charge.
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