Why eBay has such staying power . . .

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Why eBay has such staying power . . .
24 Feb 2013
I have been an 'internet entrepreneur' for a while now, and have built websites, been an affiliate, and also have sold on eBay for a long, long time. I have been a manufacturer, wholesaler, importer, and dropshipper. I have quite a bit of experience in a lot of different avenues.

So, why do I prefer eBay?

- It is a natural place to 'start'. If you know nothing, you start on eBay.
- The 'marketing' is already done. The website has been around for a while now, and so you can leverage the marketing ALREADY done with it. All you have to do is create a listing, and you can sell an item (theoretically) TODAY and make your first profit TODAY.
- You can learn the principles of Internet Marketing on eBay first.
- Packaging, funneling, copywriting, staging, and even customer service!
- Did you know that as an eBay store owner, your eBay 'store' acts as a website that you can backlink, do 'on-site' SEO, market, do social-media marketing, etc? You can also track your traffic sources, keywords etc.
- List building
- Whenever you sell an item, the customer is YOURS! You can then market your product(s) to them again on/off eBay from them!
- It requires ZERO initial investment! It's free to sign up, and to create some 'working capital' just sell some stuff from around your house on the site!

Many aspects of eBay selling you can then translate to other avenues of Internet Marketing.

In addition, on eBay, you're not confined to selling just one item, or line of items.

You don't have to JUST wholesale, or JUST dropship.

You can sell on consignment, from garage sales, pawn shops, off personal manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, importing, or even selling **** from around your house!

Remember - if you put something up on eBay TODAY you can make money TODAY.

How many times can you say that about researching, creating, and marketing a website?

With a website, there are three stages. Research, construction, and marketing. Money is not made in research and construction. ONLY marketing. (And only after tweaking the marketing after extensive data collection)


Everyone knows their 'idiot neighbor' or friend that knows nothing about computers that makes a killing on eBay.

If they can do it, why can't you?

Now, imagine what you can do if you KNEW what you were doing?

Feel free to ask me ANYTHING about eBay.

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