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Posting Rules
7 Jun 2005
Please keep the conversation helpful and positive, and follow our policies below:

Policy for all posts:

  • Do not start more than one post on the same topic.
  • Stay on-topic when replying to posts.
  • Do not use offensive or inflammatory language.
  • Do not link to offensive or fraudulent sites. Don't use link shorteners.
  • Be honest. If you have something to promote, say so.

  • We reserve the right to delete posts, including reviews.

    Additional policy for reviews:

  • Only submit reviews if you have had personal experience of the product or service. This means you have used it in a free trial or as a paying customer.
  • Only use a review to state your personal opinion of the product or service, not for any other purpose.
  • Review the product or service as a whole. For example, don't focus on just one technical support case.
  • Do not criticize other reviews or reviewers, for example, by questioning their authenticity. Suspicious reviews can be reported to staff using the "Report review abuse" link below each review thread.
  • Do not make negative comments about people by name or other personally identifiable information.
  • Do not add junk characters, repeating text or irrelevant text to meet the minimum length.
  • We encourage suppliers to ask their customers to post reviews, but they should not provide an incentive, ask the customer to give a positive rating, or ask them to make specific comments in the review. More information here.
  • We allow a maximum of two users/clients at the same company to submit reviews of the same software or service.

  • Additional policy for those with industry connections:

    Industry "connections" include any financial or contractual relationship with an ecommerce supplier including freelance arrangements and affiliate schemes.

  • Suppliers are permitted to post in the forum.
  • You must openly declare any industry connections you have. A convenient way to do this is to state it in your forum signature, which you can modify here.
  • Do not reply to topics in order to promote your business. Focus on helping the poster, and do not recommend your own products or services.
  • Don't review your own service or those of competitors.
  • You can promote your business on the Ads board, no more than once per week.

  • If your post is genuine, helpful, and relevant to the topic then it will generally be OK.

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