Dropship software

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Dropship software
4 Apr 2013
hi, i would like to know which software can fulfil all my needs.
i have a Amazon merchant account where i sell items, after i get an order, i need to purchase it from my wholesalers website, & pay via paypal, then at night i receive an email with the tracking number from my wholesaler, and i need to enter it on amazons website & confirm the order.
now i am looking for a software which should do all that work for me, meaning
* get all orders from amazon and place it on my wholesalers website, & pay with paypal.
* take the tracking number from my wholesaler & paste it into amazon & confirm the shipment.
*make sure my inventory match with my wholesaler, if item gets out of stock then take it down from amazon.

can any one help me find a software which can do all these things for me?
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Re: Dropship software
4 Apr 2013
Hi auto,

Who is your wholesaler and can they provide some sort of automated data export or API?

If they have something like that then an order management tool might be able to take it and use it to update your orders on Amazon.
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Re: Dropship software
25 Sep 2013

What I would do in your case is the following. First check if the wholselleer has any API to help you out. If they do, they may explain you how to integrate it to the Amazon store of yours. IF they don't, this is what you can do.

Buy a good domain name and hosting and create a simple website or hire someone to do it for you. Then instal any online payment gateway to your site. Refer the amazon buyer to your site where they can purchase your goods and then be sent to amazon back and the number will be sent to them automatically. I personally use for similar purposes this site - www.ecomcharge.com because they work well and their charges are below the market price but you can choose any, I guess.

Hope this helps,