Supplier Catalogue Integration - Virtual Stock

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Supplier Catalogue Integration - Virtual Stock
23 Jul 2013
Streamlined Processing for Virtual Stock

Supplier Catalogue Integration benefits stockless retailer and drop shippers by batch processing multiple catalogues and product update from different Suppliers and combining them into 1 centralised feed for listings, updates or imports

By combining consolidated Catalogue Data into a single master feed with the management of online retail operations from a centralised multi-channel system or webstore; retailers can dramatically reducing time spent administering catalogue data, products can be taken to market quickly and on mass plus existing stock quantity and prices updated to reflect the supplier’s current state.

Enhanced Catalogue & Supplier Management

Through further combining catalogue consolidation with sales data analysis, retailers have a better insight into how to manage their Supplier operation based on total sales generated volumes of products moved and overall profitability on lines/ranges.

The Consolidation of Catalogue data from multiple sources allows for, but is not limited to

• Rapidly Adding New Suppliers
• Removal of Poor Preforming Suppliers
• Testing New Product Lines Quickly
• Listing Lucrative Product Ranges with Speed
• Removal of Slow Moving Product Lines
• Reducing Operational & Labour Costs

Supplier Catalogue Integration is a streamlined approach to achieving a competitive advantage through leveraging virtual stock, and proves highly beneficial in expanding retailers sales reach, getting products to market quickly and reducing the overall administration burden.

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