Automatic Repricing for eBay Listings

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Automatic Repricing for eBay Listings
17 Sep 2013
A discussion of dynamic repricing support for has lead us onto the topic of repricing services for eBay (US, UK and other sites), which I think is worthy of it's own thread.

The following specialist repricing services state support for all eBay sites:

Marketplace Repricing
Price Spectre

Can anyone help validate this, and explain how eBay repricing works given the greater complexity compared to exclusively catalogue-driven marketplaces like Amazon and Rakuten

Edit: NullApps (who make Price Spectre) posted on this a while back and say they do support all eBay sites and use keywords to match listings:

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Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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Marketplace Repricing
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Re: Automatic Repricing for eBay Listings
17 Sep 2013
Hi Andy,

Yes we do offer Ebay Repricing. Its not as easy as using eBays API to find all the sellers of a particular item. If you look at the ebay api, it actually states that the ebay api does not contain all items that you can find on and it also does not always have live data. So without live data and without all the data your really at a loss. This is on top of the issue around eBay not being a catalogue driven marketplace.

Some categories have some type of categorization:

But they dont always work due to some people listing an item by say upc, then you get put into the above listing, but if you dont list by upc you end up in the general category:

Due to eBays input process of creating a listing not being uniform it creates the listings not being uniform. This really makes the process of repricing more difficult on

I hope that explains the complexity of repricing on and also why there are only a few companies in the space. Repricing on not an easy problem to solve.
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Re: Automatic Repricing for eBay Listings
18 Sep 2013
In general you can trust the search from eBay to be the same as on the site. There are very few exceptions that we've found over the years and most of them turn out to be bugs or eBay being slow to reindex. There is one notable exception to this dealing with listings which I first reported to eBay over 4 years ago.

eBay is absolutely more difficult than Amazon. When Price Spectre first launched in 2009 the eBay catalog was extremely limited. Even from 2010 - 2011 eBay claimed only 30% of products on the site fit in the catalog. I'm not sure what the number is now but it is still relatively small. eBay will never be fully cataloged and can't be. A good example of why would be someone bundling products together that didn't come that way from the manufacturer. What we've found is that sites outside of the US have an even weaker catalog. This makes a repricer like Price Spectre even more useful on those sites.

Repricers that support eBay tend to only work with listings in the catalog so have limited functionality if you need eBay pricing data. With very few exceptions Price Spectre can dynamically reprice almost any listing on eBay based on competitor prices by allowing the seller to specify search keywords. The majority of our business has always been non-cataloged keyword searches and that is reflected by eBay's weak catalog.

Further information here.

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