Free for Life Listings at the !Club Auctions Promo

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Free for Life Listings at the !Club Auctions Promo
17 Jun 2005

Listings for Life - Free, One can't beat that!
NEW June !Club Promtions

How to play, its simple. Simply List 15 new items on The!Club Auction Site in a week to be entered, its that Simple!

!Club Promo Rules

1. You must register to be a member or already be a member of The!Club to enter
2. You must be legally able to sell items and abide by all Club Rules
3. All Items must be New listings - the relist option will not count as a new item.
4. All 15 items must be listed in the 7 day period specified
5. Winners will be drawn and announced by PSUNITE here on the forum once a week.
6. There will be 5 top prizes Award, one each week for a period of 5 weeks.
7. Enteries are only good for the listing week and will not be carried over to the next week.
8. You can only win once


Week 1 - June 1st - June 7th
Week 2- June 8th - June14th
Week 3- June 15th - June 21st
Week 4 June 22nd - June28th
Week 5 June 29th - July 5th


5 Grand prizes of Freebies for The!Club Life
consists of:

1. Auction Insertion Fees
2. All Listing upgrades
3. Final Value Fees

In the event The!Club is sold your Freebies for The!Club Life benefits will be included in any contract so you will not be affected

Freebies are not credits and have no cash value - they are non-transferrable.

Once a month your invoice for fees will be set back to 0 to reflect your freebies

Freebies DO NOT include Web Stores although starter stores are free anyways if you would want one.

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