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monsoon alternative
19 Dec 2013
I am a bookseller and I am using Monsoon to manage my inventory and sales. I am not happy about slow customer service and I do not like the fact that it is desktop application which prevents me using it from multiple locations and I don't like the fact that it does not have dynamic pricing for and abebooks.
On the other hand I quite like inventory receiving which is fast and straightforward.
I tried FillZ before, but didn't like it. Contacted Linnworks, but they told me it is not ideal solution for booksellers. Are there any other options? What are their advantages compare to monsoon? Is there anyone here who had switched from monsoon? How was it?
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Re: monsoon alternative
22 Dec 2013
Hi there,

Monsoon seems to be one of the best solutions for book sellers, you can always build your own custom solution which is built around a platform that's already out there. Have you looked into Magento m2epro plugin?

In regards to using Monsoon from multiple locations, I've used Monsoon Stone Edge Order Manager for about 5 years and I would just use LogMeIn or Teamviewer to access the computer from multiple locations and use DropBox. If your connection is fast enough, it's like you never left the office.
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Re: monsoon alternative
1 Jan 2014
Hi there, eyesoftheworld. Hope you're having yourself a happy New Year! While I can't really speak to the experience in switching, I can definitely answer some of your concerns and questions as they relate to Solid Commerce -- which does exactly what you're looking for, by the sound of it.

First of all, sorry to hear about your experience. Customer service can be a tough thing to nail when doing business online. We have a dedicated account manager model, so you've got someone dedicated to showing you the ropes. You can call, email, and live chat with our support teams any time during business hours.

Also, our solution is SaaS, which means you can login from just about anywhere. Even when you're on holiday break!

Otherwise, we're built for multichannel selling. Inventory management, fulfillment, order management, packing, shipping, customer management, etc. Read more here.

Feel free to reach out if you'd like some more information. You can PM me or email at

Hope that helps!

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Re: monsoon alternative
2 Jan 2014
I've spoken to a few sellers of books (also CDs and other media) and their challenges are quite specific.

Because they typically have a huge product catalog, high volumes, and low stock per SKU(ISBN) the following need to be particularly efficient:

  • Receiving - sellers may regularly get inventory of hundreds or even thousands of different items and need to process it very, very quickly
  • Catalog integration - the system needs a very comprehensive catalog as manually identifying even a small percentage could slow the system to a crawl
  • Order processing - it's often a high volume sector with thin margins so picking, packing and dispatching also needs to be streamlined

  • I've created a category in the directory specifically for media sellers, and it currently includes FillZ, Indaba and Monsoon Pro. Scheduled for addition are Neatoscan and The Art of Books.

    There may be non-specialist tools that work for booksellers but I would ask if they have tested their service specifically with media sellers and ask for store names of booksellers using their system.
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