Re-Pricing Software

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Re-Pricing Software
8 Jan 2014
We have a large amount of stock for listing on sites such as Play, eBay, Amazon, FNAC etc and are looking for a tool to carry out the re-pricing.
At the moment we are wanting to focus on the re-pricing on Play.
Can anyone recommend a reliable company that can handle 30,000+ products.
Many Thanks
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Re: Re-Pricing Software
9 Jan 2014
Hi Mrs Smith, and welcome

I think I can help narrow down your options. To the best of my knowledge none of the specialist repricing tools support (or FNAC), so you would need to look at a full multichannel management solution. Here's the one's that work with Play:

And the one's that work with FNAC:

Seller Dynamics have said before that they do dynamic repricing for so that might be the place to start.

Hope that helps!
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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Re: Re-Pricing Software
14 May 2014
Thanks for the mention Andy - just noticed it. We do indeed do the thing. We don't limit the SKUs listed and it's all very reliable. We also do all the Amazons including Japan and as many eBays as folks want, and I also need to mention

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Re: Re-Pricing Software
16 May 2014
I've been using Appeagle for about a month on Amazon.US, very please with the results. Not sure where else they are used. Plan to write a review here in a few weeks.

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