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Listing Software, Inventory Management, and more!
24 Jan 2014
Hi there all! This is Rachel from Ecomdash. I wanted to introduce our great ecommerce automation tool for anybody searching for a simple "one-stop shop", or for those looking to switch to a new service with features specifically fitted to your needs!

ecomdash is an automated inventory, sales order, and shipping management tool designed specifically for businesses selling on multiple marketplaces and websites. We are working toward a complete business solution for ecommerce sellers where managers will login to ecomdash daily to run their entire business and operations. We are in phase I today, starting with the core inventory, order and shipping tool. We have designed a few interesting extras that none of our competitors have - like an email marketing tool that can be scheduled and configured based on the item sold. We are especially well-suited for dropshipping with better integration tools for both the warehouses and sellers. Plus, we've added customizable fields to make processing orders easier for volume sellers and people who sell under more than one brand name.

Today, we have two-way automated integrations built for Amazon, eBay, Etsy, ZenCart and 3Dcart as well as shipping options. Each new website and marketplace integration (like Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce,, Bonanza, etc.) will be planned out based on our customers’ needs. Shopify & Magento integrations are scheduled to be ready in March 2014. Currently, we have a basic “integration” for QuickBooks, where you can download an automatically formatted CSV file. The next level of integration for QuickBooks is almost ready – a fully automated integration. By the end of 2014, we will have automated two-way integrations with all essential partners. Plus a full marketing suite of tools too!

Our newest feature for ecomdash is called ecomlister. It will be sold separately and as an add-on to the full ecomdash enterprise suite of tools. It's a bulk listing tool for Amazon and eBay. We expect to finalize testing by the end of February 2014.’ll be time for us to build out new integrations for ecomlister as our clients’ needs require.

We would love to schedule a demo with anybody who is interested, talk through how you make it all happen today and learn about some of your current frustrations or "wish-we-could's", then figure out if would help you solve any of those concerns now...or if there are "missing pieces" that we may need to work on first. This demo is usually the best way to get a feel for our company and how we can help. We usually do them via WebEx video conferencing.

Come visit our website and have a look:

Feel free to contact us at anytime! We want to help as much as possible and are open to feedback!



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