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31 Jan 2014
Hi all!

Just thought I would try to get a little discussion going! I'm curious: in terms of what certain software and services provide, what is one specific thing you wish you could have for your ecommerce store(s) to make life a little more, simpler? Anything at all! I would love to hear your thoughts and wishes!

Thanks for any responses!

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5 Feb 2014
my old custom-written web-store (back from 2007!) allows few nice features: 
- one click on address shows the location on a map.
- 2 levels of notes 1 quick visible right next to the order number in list, second for longer comments

what I'd love to see more is close connection with google docs (now drive). many kind of batch-changes one carries out best in a spreadsheet. I think that google api allows quite easy integration into 3rd party apps.

what do you thing about it? is there any SW that allows integration with online office? 

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Re: Wish List
16 Aug 2014
I think this is a really good question so worth bumping up.


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