Increased profits for eBay, Amazon, and e-commerce stores.

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Increased profits for eBay, Amazon, and e-commerce stores.
7 Feb 2014
Among eBay and Amazon sellers there seems to be a fixation with buying wholesale, as though that is the way to get the best price, and therefore make the most profit.

Few people are aware that it is possible to buy small quantities direct from legitimate manufacturers overseas at genuine ex-factory prices. Most will say "NO, they all require huge MOQs", but I have taught hundreds of people how to negotiate small orders regardless of those big MOQs being quoted.

Profit margins when you buy direct from the factory will far exceed anything you can achieve through buying from dropship wholesalers, or any other kind of wholesalers for that matter.

Just think for a moment. Where do wholesalers buy from? They buy from the manufacturers and so can you. They add their substantial margins to the price they paid, but you can bank that extra margin.

I have many years of experience, first as an exporter for 9 years, selling to the Asia Pacific region, and then I began importing in 1987, buying from a number of different countries, not only China. My importing business thrived and I franchised it in 4 countries, operating that business for 22 years until my health forced me to retire.

To keep my brain active I wrote my book that explains how to safely source small or large quantities direct from manufacturers overseas, how to be sure you are getting the best price, and how to import the easy way.

I provide free of charge 3 months personal support via email to all my book buyers to help them get started. You can get an idea of just what is involved by looking at my website
Learn safe overseas sourcing and how to buy small quantities at best prices. (Large quantities too) See my Q&As and blog at

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