High profit alternative to low profit dropshipping

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High profit alternative to low profit dropshipping
9 Feb 2014
Don’t buy lists or pay to become a customer. Learn how to get direct access to overseas manufacturers and place small orders at factory prices. Don't let wholesalers or drop shippers rob you of profits. Dropshippers buy from the factories, and so can you at the same prices they pay, even for small quantities. The profits will amaze you.

Importing is easy once you know how. I teach you all you need to know, but I also provide ongoing support for those specific problems you might encounter. There is no need for you to learn all the rules and regulations.

Forced retirement after 22 years successful importing led me to write this simple and practical guide. It shows you how to avoid the traps for the unwary that could cost you thousands - could even bankrupt you.

Here is what a recent buyer of my book wrote to me in an email:“Well, I am just floored by the amount of content (and the bluntness) in your book. I've read hundreds of business based books by now, but I have never come across something so clear and to the point. And so much relevance -- no fluff whatsoever. I'm so used to having to dig through filler-pages to discern the wisdom of most books and manuals that this has truly been a refreshing treat. I have absolutely nothing to compare it to because I have never read anything like it before.”

Very little capital is needed to start small. Just think of the best way for you to sell – eBay, Amazon, car boot sales, flea market stall, casual shopping mall stalls etc., then search for a product that you are confident you can sell. I show you how to find any product you could ever imagine, and many that you could not think of for yourself.

Take a peek at my website and see what you get for your money. Click on the live link in my signature. It could open up a whole new world of profit for you.

By the way, I will provide relevant authorities with proof of authenticity of any testimonials on request.
Learn safe overseas sourcing and how to buy small quantities at best prices. (Large quantities too) See my Q&As and blog at www.starttodayhomebusiness.com

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