What is the best Auction Management Sofware?

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What is the best Auction Management Sofware?
6 Mar 2014
I have been selling on eBay for a 1 1/2 years. I am currently using Auctiva. I sell high end women's accessories.

My main frustration with Auctiva is that is takes too long to upload my photos to their server. Managing my photos is also frustrating. I do take my own photos which means they can be quite large. I prefer to include 24 photos within my listing. Since my item's are priced at a higher price point, I have more sales with more photos.

I list anywhere from 50 to 100 new listings a month. I plan to also sell on Amazon as well as 11 main later this year.

I am not interested in Turbo list or Blackthorne.

I would like to make my listing process as streamlined as possible without the large amount of time dedicated to uploading photos.

I currently use a Mac.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Re: What is the best Auction Management Sofware?
6 Mar 2014
I would highly recommend using Wonder Lister. Easy to use and has a lot of good features like single page listing editor, bulk lister, bulk editing, custom views, user defined folders, inventory management, sales tax reporting and so on.

You can get more info from:
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Re: What is the best Auction Management Sofware?
6 Mar 2014
As you use a Mac you might want to take a look at GarageSale. It's Mac software for eBay sellers and has a good reputation.

I've never come across Wonder Lister before and it's Windows software.
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Re: What is the best Auction Management Sofware?
14 Mar 2014
Hi yellowbookam,

How do you make sure that each item listing gets the correct photo? If you have say 50 items and each has 24 photos, that is 1200 photos. It must be a chore making sure each photo shows up with the right item.

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Re: What is the best Auction Management Sofware?
17 Mar 2014
Just try AuctionWizard2000 with some kind of mac emulater and be done with it. After the first year it's only 50 bucks annually. The software has just been updated. I think there is still a 60 day free trial going. Who else offers that? That has to tell you something right there.

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Re: What is the best Auction Management Sofware?
18 Mar 2014
AuctionWizard2000 website still mentions Overstock Auctions on the front page! How many years has that been closed??
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Re: What is the best Auction Management Sofware?
18 Mar 2014
Solid Commerce might be able to help you out.

We've got a full eBay Listing Management Suite that'll give you a lot of control over your listings and can alleviate some of the frustrations you're having.

We can totally streamline your listing process, and then seamlessly synchronize your inventory between eBay, Amazon, and other channels when you're ready (we integrate with other marketplaces like Sears, Newegg, Overstock, Rakuten, and Half...plus your own webstore). And you're right to not be interested in Blackthorne -- it's shutting down in just a matter of months!

You're more than welcome to shoot me an email if you want to connect and chat further. I'm at sean.b@SolidCommerce.com, or you can call me directly: 310.461.4575 (extension 400). Hope this helps!
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Re: What is the best Auction Management Sofware?
17 Nov 2015
Our company has been struggling ever since Blackthorne was discontinued. Once we found WonderLister, we were relieved because it was a perfect fit for our company. Not only does it do what Blackthorne did, but it does it better. At first, the program was glitchy and premature but as time went on, the WonderLister Support Team fixed many issues and made it into a fabulous program. There are still minor things to be worked on, but that is not important nor does it get in the way of posting onto eBay. One thing that strikes me is the lightning speed of WonderLister. This aspect cannot be compared to Blackthorne. The speed is a key necessity because the program moves fast which allows more productivity. Overall I am a proud user of WonderLister and was glad I came across it on the web. I highly recommend this program to anyone who was using Blackthorne, SixBit, and any other third party software. There aren't any programs on the market that can match WonderLister and that is coming from somone who used them all! Keep up the great work WonderLister!!!

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