Physical products to buy low sell high

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Physical products to buy low sell high
7 Mar 2014
If you know the principles of selling a product, why not sell your own? Rather than buy from the same place as everyone else, find out how easy it is to import small or large quantitiesdirect from the factories in China and other places.

Profit margins will astound you, and you can buy safely from reliable manufacturers if you follow what I write in my book. You choose where to sell, whether eBay, Amazon, your own online store, bricks and mortar store, flea markets etc. The product range is limitless. Just think of something that you know you could sell if the price was right. I don’t teach how to choose a product but I do show you how to find almost any product at the best possible prices ¬– far better than wholesale.

Wholesalers, dropshippers, and sourcing agents all take their (big) slice of the cake, leaving only a small margin for you. You probably think it is impossible to place orders big enough to buy direct, but in my e-book I show in detail how you can buy small and still get ex-factory prices. Importing is easy when you know how.

Just click on the link in my signature to see how easy it can be.
Learn safe overseas sourcing and how to buy small quantities at best prices. (Large quantities too) See my Q&As and blog at

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