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MarketGizmos - RSS Feeds for eBay
18 Aug 2005
We here at MarketGizmos are proud to announce the recent release of our new service.

MarketGizmos offers custom, automated search for eBay and eBay Stores delivered via RSS. That's right, in simple terms, custom RSS feeds for the eBay marketplace has arrived. Registration is simple, fast and FREE!

We also offer FREE eBay Hot and Featured Item listings that requires no registration. This is a great way to check out the service.

Interested in what's hot and attracting a high level of bidding activity on eBay? We have a number of RSS feeds that will give you information on items that are attracting a lot of attention for all major categories for the US and Motors sites as well as for Canada, India, Australia and the UK.

Take a look at the Hot Motorcycles ( for sale.

Read more at or feel free to visit our Products page (

Finally, visit our Blog ( to stay up to date with all that's happening here at MarketGizmos.

Thanks and enjoy!
The MarketGizmos Team

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