Bank Account for International Marketplace Sellers

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Bank Account for International Marketplace Sellers
13 Mar 2014
Hi all. I wanted to make you all aware of what World First can offer international merchants. We broker (open, run and deal) bank accounts that sellers use to repatriate their Amazon / eBay or revenues home.

All of the bank accounts that we use, for GBP; EUR; USD and CAD are domestic and thus a perfect fit for the Amazon/ Marketplace seller. Specifically with regard to the EUR accounts, we hold them in both France and Germany and are therefore in the Eurozone and can be used for Amazon DE, FR, IT and ES. These can be opened easily and quickly.

With regard to North America, we can offer accounts there, quickly and easily. The FX rates that you will receive from World First compare favorably to every other option available and you have access to an experience and efficient support team. We also have an online system, which has been developed to the highest specs, for seller to use to control their funds as they wish. The North American markets are very strong and the general buyer is English speaking. I have seen very good levels of revenue for my clients on these platforms.

There are no costs to set up or hold these accounts. There are transfer fees applicable for transfers under the value of £500 (or similar)

World First is primarily an FX broker so the caveat to using our service is that we will perform a currency conversion on each transaction. I will not publish spreads on a forum but you can contact us for this (0207 801 1064), 8:30 to 17:30, Monday to Friday.

Once again, thank you for your input, please feel free to comment or ask questions about our offering.

You can register with World First here:
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