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10 Apr 2014
I read a blog on this site about www.solidcommerce.com and I had to say something. I am an honest business man that is a salesman first and a company owner second. I started selling online to pay my families bills and work non-stop. Solid Commerce convinced me to put money down to "train us" and all they did was delete thousands of Amazon listings and defaulted all our cost to what we pay our vendors. Within 15 minutes competitor repricers matched or beat our cost, eBay listings disappeared and there promise to take our listings and put them on sears, rakuten and magneto never happened. I have never been ignored or pushed off so many times in my life. Finally after the damage control was done they asked for more money and a $125.00 per hour training fee. I am not a man who is quick to throw stones, I know its not easy to make a dollar. THIS COMPANY STOLE AND LIED over and over. Take a humble business owners advice and stay away. This company almost put me out of business for good.

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