comosale - new listing and managing software for eBay

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comosale - new listing and managing software for eBay
15 Apr 2014
You are welcome to try comosale, if you want to manage multiple eBay accounts, communicate with customers and use bulk management of your listings. We have conducted thorough usability analysis, considered users feedback and applied the latest trends of UX design during the software update to present completely new solution for eBay sellers.

With comosale you can:

  • Add and safely manage multiple eBay accounts
  • Use bulk feature to manage listings, templates and your sales on eBay
  • Reply to offers and contact bidders
  • Communicate with customers and use grouped reply to a few emails
  • Choose from more than 100 styles for almost every eBay category or develop your own listing design
  • Add up to 24 images for each listing description without any hosting size limitation
  • Create multi-variation listings
  • Add Scrolling Gallery to your listings
  • Manage your eBay store
  • Take the advantage of auto-relist and auto-feedback options
  • Check for new bids, item purchases and received payments
  • Create, edit and manage reusable templates, common for all eBay accounts

  • With the recent comosale update you can also use:

  • Listings scheduler to plan the unlimited number of listings for all added eBay accounts from one dashboard as long as for 3 months in advance, without any additional fees applied.
  • Inventory control to add products with all necessary information to the inventory and comosale will monitor their quantity by SKU.
  • Built-in HTML editor to develop your own unique design for the items you are going to sell or use existing styles.
  • Import / Export XML to choose and create listing templates from active, sold or unsold items and customize the description.
  • Improved messaging function to attach pictures, create folders for messages, reply to offers and send Second Chance offers to customers.
  • eBay catalog to fill in items information.

  • With the new software version everybody gets 3 moth free trial to evaluate comosale.

    To register or read more detailed features description, please visit

    Questions and feedback about comosale are greatly appreciated, as we do not stop the development process and continue to improve the comosale application for you.

    Your opinion is very important for us!

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