Auction software for drop-off store in NL

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Auction software for drop-off store in NL
9 Sep 2005

At the moment I am busy to start a drop-off store in the Netherlands. I am looking for the right software.
These are my requirements:

- usable for
- muti-user
- calculation of commissions
- making listings
- replying to emails (standards)
- database of our buyers and sellers
- reports

I hope you can advice me something that is really useful for my store! I am waiting for your replies!!


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Re: Auction software for drop-off store in NL
28 Sep 2005
Hi Casper,

Unfortunately support for NL is not common. these management solutions do state support for but they are not consignment specialists.

Please let me know if you find a good solution.
Andy Geldman, Web Retailer
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Re: Auction software for drop-off store in NL
29 Sep 2005
hi - intersting project - puts me off when i think of how comlicated it all is explaining to the casual customer the eBay fees etc - in answere to the question i think Auctiva might fit your bill - its very good in many ways but not yet fully developed ie loads of stuff yet to be activated AND the big problem is it is only EBay USA BUT this will change in a few weeks - its free to
keep us posted

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