Display your products in 3D, need your help with free trial.

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Display your products in 3D, need your help with free trial.
20 May 2014
Hello, we really would appreciate your help!

We have developed new software to easily and affordably display products in 3D via e-commerce sites.

Our aim is to bring the in-store shopping experience closer to the online shopping experience. Our software helps to increase sales and reduce post-purchase returns. The 3D works on all devices and does not require any special download or plugin.

Have a look at www.web3d.co.uk for examples of what we do.

We are looking for products and users to trial the software with. We will provide free accounts to people who are interested.

If you would like to try displaying your products in 3D to see what it does to your sales, or have a selection of products that you would like to see digitised in 3D please: follow @Web3DStudio and tweet us the details or any questions you have about us whatsoever.

We will set you up with a free account.

We are trying to fundamentally change the way products are bought and sold online and it would be amazing if you would like to help us along the way.

Thank you for reading!


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