Skype - a good buy?

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Skype - a good buy?
19 Sep 2005
What do you think to eBay's recent acquistion of Skype?
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Re: Skype - a good buy?
20 Sep 2005
Here's what I said on another board.

What happens if I don't answer?

Am I required to sleep at my computer waiting breathlessly to answer by voice the questions I currently answer, with remarkable but often unwarranted courtesy, by email for the morons who currently can't be bothered to read, or who can't understand, the clear description in my auction?

I thought one of the benefits of online auctions over real world events like garage sales was that I could just post the item onto the internet and forget it until someone bought it, or didn't buy it.

If I have to put up with chatter upon demand (ignoring which will make me liable for an undoubted host of new offences created by eBay) by people who want to know if the black part of the picture on ebay is more charcoal than black, on the lump of charcoal I'm auctioning, would I be better off on a time-spent-for-return basis just not listing any more of my charcoal?

I expect the next requirement will be live cam by sellers who will be required to point the lens at the sale item as directed in real time by people who aren't in the least likely to buy it, because they're just trying to work out if the one they have in their garage is worth anything.

I am getting seriously tired of selling on eBay.

No doubt this is because I'm stupid enough to think that because I pay all the fees to eBay for the items I spend a lot of time listing on it so eBay can make money from my listings, most of which (like all the other items painstakingly listed by other sellers in the same categories) don't sell but for which I pay anyway, I'm also stupid enough to think eBay ought to take its direction from and be concerned with the interests of sellers it depends upon for its existence.

My stupidity is reaching the point that I'm rarely listing on eBay. I think that pretty soon I'm going to give it up altogether. There are better ways of making money on the internet.
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Re: Skype - a good buy?
20 Sep 2005
I would suggest a slightly different possibility. When you have squidgeillions of millions of dollars profit you have two choices - pay tax on it or spend it. eBay has a track record of investing in order to minimise tax liabilities.
Like it or not, eBay is increasingly attracting businesses . In the very near future, as to "google" is for searching, so to "eBay" it will be for buying online. Therefore, given that this will involve businesses and given that this will lead to more complex transactions (possible multiple choice, multi selection etc), having the option of actually talking (practically for free) is a natural progression.
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Re: Skype - a good buy?
29 Sep 2005
There is a new service from DIXONS called freetalk - you need a gadget but can then use your ordinary phones - not looked into all these yet but be good to stop the eBay people getting even RICHER so check out others and VONAGE

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