Listing Factory no customer support?

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Listing Factory no customer support?
27 May 2014
Have been using Listing Factory to build listings and host photos for my eBay listings for the past year. I received a notification April 23,2014 that I needed to re-activate my license. Offered a re-activation offer, which included 1 year 600mb image hosting plus 2 year software upgrades with a $60.00 off coupon if i re-activate now. Total cost was $ 29.00, which I paid for through paypal. I received the confirmation email with activation code download. activated and had to update software, which worked except for deleting all my saved projects. not a huge deal, but somewhat irritating. Thought all was good until I received an email on 5/9/14, which somehow I missed, and another one on 5/20/14 which informed me that my account expired on 5/18/14. This was almost a month after I had paid for another year subscription. The email stated that they were offering me a "courtesy 2 day extension until 5/21/14 after which time all the photos that are being hosting for my ebay listings will automatically be deleted. Once deleted they could not be retrieved. On 5/20/14 attempted numerous times to contact someone via email and their "chat" function with no response. opened a trouble ticket and did receive an automated reply that stated they had received my support ticket and would respond within 24 hours. On 5/21/14 I still had not heard back from anyone. Since it was looking like this company is depending solely on automation, I was very concerned my photos would be deleted that day so ended up paying again. This time cost $79.95 ( only a $10.00 off coupon this month). To date have not heard from anyone.

Would love to hear from someone who could resolve this problem and refund my $79.95. Would like to change my listing builder/hosting service, but want to keep my listing template. Anyone have any ideas?


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Re: Listing Factory no customer support?
28 May 2014
Hi Cynthia, this seems to be a recurring problem with Listing Factory!

Apparently live chat is the best option, but maybe it's a case of getting lucky and finding someone online.

I'm in live chat with them now, will try and get some answers.
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